URBN Summer Internship: Week Eight

This week started out with one of my favorite things on this planet: the beach.

Drew, Natalie, Sara, Sara’s boyfriend Tristen, and I packed up Sara’s little SUV, rented an Airbnb and made the 2 hour drive to Brigantine beach, NJ – where apparently you have to pay to go to? Odd, but oh well. I would’ve paid just about anything for some sun at that point.

Unfortunately for us, the east coast was in the middle of a heat wave and our 30 SPF just couldn’t match up to that blaring sun. We ended our Saturday fried. We were all so sunburnt – especially poor Tristen – that we decided to make a change in plans for the following day and ditch the beach. Instead we drove to Ocean City, NJ where we ate dock side before heading back to Philly.

Work this week was pretty darn cool. I had a chance to listen to the President of Anthropologie, Hillary Super, and the President of Free People, Sheila Harrington, speak on their personal career paths and the future of both brands. It’s always so inspiring to hear executive’s stories, especially females. I find it so motivating to hear their encouraging words and be reminded of why I love this industry so much.

Both women have an intense passion for retail and for making our customers happy. Hillary spoke a lot on the release of Anthropologie+, Anthro’s plus size line, and how it has not only grown the business immensely, but empowered women of all shapes and sizes around the world to get comfortable with exploring their individual style. She said she hopes to see Anthro continue to become more representative of the world we live in.

Sheila emphasized the unique culture Free People has and how having strong internal relationships has greatly benefitted the brand externally. Free People isn’t just a retailer – it’s a lifestyle, and that wouldn’t be possible without the employees that are passionate about what they do and who Free People is.

Thursday night a group of about 15 interns somehow squeezed into one table at a local Chinese restaurant called Dim Sum Garden. We ate, drank, and talked about things other than URBN for a change. I really am going to miss this intern class.

Every Friday we have something called a Brown Bag; it’s a one hour event where outside vendors come in to teach a group of our employees. They are usually creative activities, such as floral arrangements, jewelry making, and even mozzarella making. These weekly events are covered by our internal blog, and it’s my job to photograph them and write up a re-cap post. This week’s was making eucalyptus wreaths and I actually got to join in!

I’m excited to be able to bring this home and hang it in my new room in Lawrence as a little reminder of my time here at URBN.

After work on Friday we hopped in the car once again and made our way to Nam’s hometown of Potomac, Maryland. When we got there her mom had prepared the best Indian food (it was my first time trying it!) and we ate with a few of Nam’s best friends from school.

Once it got dark Nam took us to Washington D.C. so we could see the monuments by night. I’m not the biggest history buff, but I do have to say, those things are very pretty when they are all lit up.

By the time we got home around 2 a.m. we all crashed – we had to get some rest for the fun weekend in D.C. ahead of us.

Catch ya next week.



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