URBN Summer Internship: Week Four

This week was allllll about fun, fun, funnn!!

It was so awesome being able to show Lauren around my new city and introduce her to my friends, my worlds collided and it made me so so happy!

On Saturday we went back to Rittenhouse again where we ate and shopped at the exact same places as the weekend before. That place is just too cute not to frequent.

Sunday we went to Spruce Street Harbor Park and hung out on one of the many hammocks they have set up. Natalie had to practically race someone for that hammock so it was definitely a feat, lol.

We also took a little row boat out on the river that day, it was really nice but also really hot – which is not good for a red head like Lu!

Later that night Lauren left :( and Natalie and I went grocery shopping for the week.

This week was so much more manageable and less stressful than the last. There weren’t as many events that needed covering and I’ve been pretty diligent about scheduling my feature shoots to be on top of things. I also really feel like I’ve gotten a good grip on the editing style and that makes me feel good.

I met up with my high school cheer coach, Megan, or “G” as we used to call her, on Wednesday night. She was in Philly visiting her boyfriend (who only lives a mile away from me, small world) and we met for a beer, sorry, a glitter beer, at a local brew house.

It was so nice seeing her in general but so fun to be able to hang out in this city!

Thursday was our annual summer party, and let me tell you, URBN does this stuff big. I mean, big, big.

We had hula dancers, fire breathers, a dunk tank, a surf simulator, tropical drinks in coconuts – you name it, it was there. It was SO fun and so well executed, but boy was it hot. I think that might end up being the hottest day of the summer, which didn’t make photographing it an easy task but events like that are always so fun to shoot.

Friday at work I got some stuff done for my intern project – which I get more and more excited for each day!! Then later that night we grabbed sushi from the cutest place in Old City.

Next week my Gigi and Pop are coming and I get to show them around campus! I’m super excited to see them and introduce them to everyone!



©2020 by Mallorie McBride