URBN Summer Internship: Week Nine

I know, I know – I am a week late on this. Sorry! Been too busy livin’ it up here in good ‘ol Philly.

For our second to last weekend here we made a spontaneous trip to Washington DC and Maryland, or better known as Nam’s hometown, baby. And boy did we pack a lot into those two days.

We spent Saturday morning touring museums and seeing the monuments we didn’t get a chance to see the night before. This was Natalie’s first time in DC and she’s a big history buff so she was eating it all up. After that we went straight into the city for a bottomless brunch with Nam’s college friends. Not only was the food great, but her friends were the bomb and the restaurant even had a rooftop terrace. We spent all afternoon with her friends and eventually ended up back at Nam’s place to watch a late night movie.

It wouldn’t be a trip to Maryland if you don’t get any crabs! We went to Cantler’s Riverside Inn and got the true crab experience. Lemme tell ya, those things are so good but you really put in a lot of work for not much food.

This week at work Rachel and I finally finished our intern project! And I can now reveal what it was ...

A yearbook!

We tag-teamed this big project, I was in charge of all the imagery and copy and Rachel tackled the design. I am in LOVE with how it turned out and am so so proud of it. Working with Rachel was one of my favorite things because we were really able to collaborate and bounce ideas off one another. It was also really eye-opening to witness the design process first hand, I had no idea just how much thought and detail and time is put into literally every single thing and I loved be able to be apart of that conversation.

We had the chance to pass the yearbooks out to all the interns at our end of summer party on Friday and the response from people was so overwhelmingly incredible! Seeing everyone’s reactions and excitement made all the long days more than worth it.

Check it out:

The intern party was a blast – it was PJ themed! It was a great time to cap off a great summer and start saying goodbye to some of these new friends.

Only one more week left. I can’t even think about it or I will start crying, so I’m just choosing to pretend it’s not real yet – lol!



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