URBN Summer Internship: Week One

Well, week one has come to a close and I can’t believe how fast it’s already flying by! I’ve only been here a short time but have fallen in love with this company, this city and these people!

I’m going to be really honest, I was really nervous coming into this. Interning for such a well-known and desired company comes with a pressure I wasn’t expecting. I am also pushing myself way outside my comfort zone, which I want to do, but that doesn’t make it any less scary.

But, let me tell you, the minute I stepped foot into the Navy Yard and onto the URBN campus with my roommates all my worries went away.

I moved into my cute little airbnb on Saturday and met two of my three roommates, Sarah and Namrita. Sarah is from Cincinnati and she’s a Global Compliance & Trade intern for URBN and Namrita is from Maryland and she’s an Analyst intern for Urban Outfitters. Our fourth roomie, Natalie, gets here on Saturday and we are all so excited to meet her!

Sunday was the intern BBQ – well, a BBQ URBN-style.

This was the day when we got to meet the other interns and get a quick rundown of what to expect for our first day. All the girls we sat with at the BBQ have quickly become good friends – everyone, everyone, is so nice and welcoming here!

Monday came and I got to meet my team and get my desk! When I got to it my manager, Magda (who is the freakn' COOLEST person btw), had watched my YouTube videos to find out some of my favorite things and decorated my desk with some Bachelor stuff and had chocolate covered strawberries!!

I’m working for the URBN Community team, which means I am apart of the team in charge of representing all three brands (Free People, Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters) and fostering and maintaining the tight knit, unique culture that’s here at URBN. My team is made up of Magda, Jaydee, Erin, Rachel (the graphic design intern) and me.

As a Photo & Blog intern I work alongside Magda to photograph all events held on campus, write feature stories for the company’s blog on employees and dogs (yes – dogs!! there are so many on campus!) and so many other things related to all things photo, video, writing, creating and people!!

This week has been focused on getting me trained on the company’s blog platform, how to shoot in the URBN style (BONUS – I get my own Canon 5D Mark III for the whole summer. If you’re not a camera geek, that’s my DREAM camera, so stoked!!) and creating intern bios that go up on the website.

One of my favorite parts about being here has been just being in this atmosphere. I’m surrounded by so many of this industry’s finest and I’m constantly being inspired. Not to mention our spaces are incredible. Between the Free People photo studio, Urban Outfitters color room and Anthropologie design department I really can’t pick a favorite spot on campus!

Every intern gets a summer project they ultimately get to present in front of higher-ups at the end of the program, I got mine Friday and I am SO excited about it!! I’m keeping my lips tight right now on what it is but I will show the final project once it’s completed!

On Wednesday’s in Center City there’s a happy hour event called “sips,” so my friends and I hopped on the subway after work and headed there for some drinks. Very good, but VERY expensive. Between clothes, food and drinks I’m not sure I’ll be coming home with too much saved from this summer, haha.

I’ve gotten into a pretty good routine too and I’m happy about that. Learning how to be an adult and cook for myself and get groceries and just live life has been interesting but fun, and it’s been fun to do it alongside Nam and Sara.

Phew – this post was a lot but there was so much that has happened, this only scratched the surface.

I’m so excited for the rest of the summer. I just feel so dang lucky and blessed to be here and want to soak in every single second.

Ok, well, today is the first day we can use our employee discounts so we are on our way to the mall to put those puppies to work!



©2020 by Mallorie McBride