URBN Summer Internship: Week Three

Week three was a killer, lemme tell ya.

I really want to be transparent about my entire experience, and sometimes that’ll mean talking about the things that aren’t so shiny and cool.

This was the week when it all really hit me.

I wanted to be the “perfect” intern. The intern who did things before she was told and who didn’t need to ask questions to get things done. I was determined to impress not only the people in my department, but as many people on campus as I could and I didn’t realize how much pressure I was putting on myself.

It wasn’t until Tuesday when Magda pulled me aside for our weekly TB – or “touch base” as we call it – and told me she could tell I was wearing thin. I told her I was overwhelmed and that it didn’t really hit me until that day. I started to tear up when she asked if I was all right and immediately I grew mad at myself for not being able to keep it together.

I was upset and also upset that I was upset. Have I mentioned I’m emotional? lol.

But really. As much as I am pro girl power and a boss babe mentality, this week taught me that being a true Boss Babe is being able to recognize when you’ve reached a point when you need to take a breather and that asking for help is more than okay.

Magda, being the best human that she is, was so comforting and encouraging and got my mind right back on track to have a successful week.

Did I have a large work load? Yes. Did I have to eat lunch at my desk and work overtime? Yes. Did I kick this weeks ass? Hell yeah.

Okay, now that we’ve taken care of that housekeeping, we can get to the fun stuff.

Saturday, Natalie, Sara, Drew and I explored Rittenhouse Square, a cute little block just outside the city. We walked through the farmers market, ate at a fabulous French restaurant and went shopping (with our discount cards, of course) on Walnut street.

Later that night we were so tired from the week that we decided to stay in and watch an episode of The Handmaid’s Tale. And slowly but surely, one episode turned into 6.

Yeah, we bummed out that night.

On Wednesday a group of interns took a trip to Gap, PA to URBN’s Distribution and Fulfillment center. We had the chance to see the supply chain and the inner-workings of how our product is shipped out. It was pretty neat!

We learned that URBN has one of the best supply chains and that the whole plant is over 1.6 million square feet. Crazy, right?

Friday night Lauren got here! I’m so glad to finally have a chance to show a KC pal my new city. After she got settled in I took her to a bar and grille called Morgan’s Pier. It was right along the water and underneath the bridge. We were both so tired from the week so we went home right after and crashed for the night so we could rally on Saturday!

Okay, well, I gotta go. Week three was so great and so needed.

Let’s do this, number four.



©2020 by Mallorie McBride