©2020 by Mallorie McBride

URBN Summer Internship: Week Two

This summer just keeps getting better and better lemme tell ya!

On Saturday we tried to sleep in but failed, I guess being an adult means getting into the routine of waking up early.

Later that day we went down south to Fishtown to the annual Fishtown Festival, it reminded me a lot of First Fridays back in KC. We shopped and Sara and I got some cute stationary on sale and spent way too much money on a drink in a coconut, lol.

That night our 4th roomie finally came!! Us four and our friend Drew came out to eat with us that night and we had some GREAT food and drinks at an asian fusion place called NuNu and it’s neighbor restaurant, Cheu.

Sunday was the Pride Parade! Urban Outfitters had a float that all employees were welcome to walk with. This was the first event I photographed for URBN solo without Magda and it went so well! It was so much fun being there and getting to walk with such amazing people – not to mention I got some of the best shots I have ever photographed.

Monday at work was crazy busy because the turnaround on our content from the weekend was really short. We had to write blogs for an Anthropologie event that happened the Friday before, the Pride Parade as well as a few feature articles. And on top of that, Magda and I went to the weekly new hire orientation to talk about who URBN Community is and to take their headshots.

Tuesday was a cool day because I got to do an Instagram takeover for Theta all day! I showed everyone what a day in my life here at URBN looks like and it was neat to be able to compile some of it and show my friends.

That day I got to sit in on what we call a “Coffee Chat” with our CTO Matt Strode. He talked about talent acquisition and gave us tips on how to best use our time here at the company. I also assisted Magda on a feature shoot and shot a tech event on my own.

Wednesday night we went out for sips again but this time we went to a cute little wine bar in the city called Independence Beer Garden – it was right across the street from the Liberty Bell too! I had the best watermelon vodka cocktail and tacos. After that the girls came back to our place for a glass of wine before we headed off to bed… at 9:30pm. What have I become?

Thursday was so cool because I was able to hear Free People’s Fashion Director, Jill Carbonneau, talk about trend forecasting and concept. She told us how and what they use to predict upcoming trends and how they work with the designers to make pieces come to life. She also spoke on the importance of trend forecasting and staying on brand. We talked about the “it” color, millennial pink, and how lime green flew off the shelves the minute Kendall Jenner posted a photo wearing it. That is for sure an experience I won’t ever forget.

Fridays seem to always be my busy days, I pumped out a lot of content and then onto Friday night! A group of us went to happy hour at this place called Bar Amis that’s right next to work. It’s nice because we get an employee discount because URBN owns it. After that me, Nam and Natalie met Drew at a rooftop bar called Bok Bar. It. was. so. COOL. I mean, look at this view!!

We hung out there for a bit chatting thinking it would be a chill night, but then we ran into Emma, another friend from work, and her BF! We hung out with them and when everyone else decided to hit up a club down the street (that had a ball pit, like what?) I decided at that moment I really needed to eat the pizza rolls that were in my fridge.

So, yes. I missed out on the ball pit club for pizza rolls.

Maybe next weekend I’ll handle my cravings a little better – after all, Lauren is coming to visit!!!